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“To some people, fine wine is defined by its price – bottles over £10, £20, £50 or more. For other people, a wine’s potential for ageing contributes to its degree of ‘fine-ness’. Other definitions depend on classic European origins or whether a wine gains in value on the secondary market. At Averys, we’ve given up arguing about this, settling on the all-encompassing definition that fine wine is ‘wine worth talking about’.”  Matthew Hemming, Fine Wine Manager

Fine Wine Department

Meet the fine wine team

Our fine wine department is comprised of Master of Wine, Matthew Hemming and Fine Wine enthusiast Daniel Curtis, both of whom have their own specific areas of interest and enthusiasm. They work closely with the Averys' wine buyers and the wine advisors and travel extensively to meet producers, suppliers and customers.

What they do

Customers looking to lay down cellars frequently come to the fine wine team for advice, as do those looking to investigate the world of wine investment. Matthew and Daniel spend time each week valuing customers’ reserves, either held in bond with us or stored elsewhere. When clients wish to sell or trade wines, either because they have too much or because they were initially bought as an investment, it is the fine wine department that executes this, working with trade and private clients throughout the UK and beyond.

The fine team look after the en primeur campaigns, rare vintages and special releases, sourcing exceptional wines from the world's top wine producers. But it's not just about advising on which wines to add to the cellar, the Fine Wine team also suggest which wines are hitting maturity after a decade or more in the cellar.

A lot of time is also spent on wines for current drinking. Sometimes we might find parcels of junior wines from great estates, such as the delicious Bourgogne Chardonnay from Antoine Jobard which outclasses many of his neighbours’ Meursault. On other occasions our current drinking may be Clare Valley Riesling or a classy Malbec from Mendoza. None of these is expensive but – crucially – they all meet our definition of fine wine as they are each characterful and well worth talking about.

Fine wine events

There are a number of events run annually by the fine wine team, most recently a dinner at one of London’s top Michelin ** restaurants featuring great Burgundy from as far back as 1969. Later this year we are taking a few lucky customers to visit Chateau Lafite Rothschild in Bordeaux. Do contact us if you’d like to hear more about these events.

How to contact the fine wine team

You can call Matthew or Daniel on 01173 008323 or email finewine@averys.com.

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