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An introduction to buying wines En Primeur

En Primeur is a way of buying wines before they have been released and in most cases are still in barrel. The prices stated are ‘pre-release’ prices per case, for wines to be shipped directly from the cellar door to our cellars in Bristol.

Why Should I Buy Wine En Primeur?

There are many reasons to buy wine en primeur, especially in an exceptional vintages as we have seen recently in Bordeaux and the Rhone.

Buy at Preferential Prices

Take advantage of special ‘pre-release’ prices. By committing to stock early, Averys is guaranteed a low ‘cellar door’ price that we pass on to you. By buying en primeur, you have the opportunity to get the best possible prices on the pick of the vintage.

Join the Experts

Our buyers taste through thousands of barrel samples every vintage to select only the very best wines for you to enjoy. Over the years, they have built up longstanding relationships and friendships with producers, which ensures you have access to the top wines at the most advantageous prices.

Secure Limited Parcels

The very nature of fine wine means that the majority of wines in our en primeur selection are only available in very limited quantities (some as little as 10 cases). Therefore, many of them sell out before they are released and buying en primeur is the only way to secure your case.

An Investment Opportunity

In these times of economic uncertainty, many of you are looking for alternative ways to invest money. Buying en primeur is an exciting and potentially very profitable way to invest. Some of our customers buy 2 cases of their selection, one to enjoy and the other to sell and often find that it covers the cost of both cases. We must add that prices of en primeur wines are NOT guaranteed to go up but even if they don’t, at least you’ll still have a very nice case of wine.

Simply for Enjoyment

Most of our customers buy wines en primeur to build up a cellar of interesting wines. With prices starting at just £55 a case, buying en primeur isn’t limited to fine wine but is an affordable and easy way to buy exciting pre-release wines at all price levels.

Valuable Information & Advice

As our en primeur wines are only available in limited quantities, we are unable to offer them all to our whole customer base. As such, each year we send our select en primeur offers to our best customers, including those who have bought en primeur from us before. By ordering wines from this offer, you will join these customers and receive the exclusive pre-release offers every vintage, along with a detailed account of the vintage itself. Averys prides itself on offering honest and accurate advice about every vintage (even if it was a challenging one) so that you can always make an informed decision. As with all of your purchases from Averys, you have the option to keep the wines with us in storage and have them delivered when you wish, thus guaranteeing that your wine is kept in optimum conditions until you’re ready to enjoy it.

If you have any further queries about buying wine en primeur or the wines please contact the fine wine team on 01173 008323.