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The Fine Wine Department

“To some people, fine wine is defined by its price – bottles over £10, £20, £50 or more. For other people, a wine’s potential for ageing contributes to its degree of ‘fine-ness’. Other definitions depend on classic European origins or whether a wine gains in value on the secondary market. At Averys, we’ve given up arguing about this, settling on the all-encompassing definition that fine wine is ‘wine worth talking about’.”  Matthew Hemming, Fine Wine Manager

Burgundy 2011 En Primeur

At the end of October 2012 I headed out to Burgundy to taste the 2011s with Emma, (Fine Wine Director), and Jennie, (Head Buyer). Since then we have had time to compare tasting notes, share our views on the vintage and select the wines for this offer. One thing we all agreed upon was what an attractive vintage this is – given the rather unusual conditions, one might say surprisingly so. The best wines - both white and red - are wonderfully lithe, fresh and pure. This is a vintage where you’ll find delightful, charming wines you don’t need to cellar for an eternity to enjoy.

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