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Alessandro Gallici Prosecco Anniversario Rosato 2020

Prosecco DOC

In terms of quality and value, Alessandro Gallici’s Prosecco is among the best. His new rosato is a gorgeously berry fruited version of the fizz he created for our 50th Anniversary. Expect aromatic citrus notes and delectable red berry notes.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Fresh, lemony, red berry fruit and a hint of sweetness. Gentle mousse


Strawberries, redcurrants and pears, with creamy hints

Alessandro Gallici Prosecco Anniversario Rosato 2020

More information

  • 11.0% ABV
  • 8.25 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 March, 2024
  • Vegan

We’ve worked with the genial Alessandro Gallici for over 20 years. Every vintage he produces a superb range of both still and sparkling wines that our customers and staff adore. And this year, he's gone a step further – producing this gorgeous rosato edition. It uses only specially selected, fine organic grapes, taken from around the village of Roncade and is given its fizz by the special charmat method. Alessandro’s standard Prosecco is hugely popular to enjoy any time. And we know this fine vintage rosato version will be a big hit too! It has appealing ripe peach fruit, bright, fresh red berry flavour and a fine stream of bubbles. Chill down, then find a reason to open a bottle (or two)! It makes a particularly delicious aperitif.

"Another hit from Alessandro. Delightful fizz with that bright kiss of red berry flavour" Leonardo Bassano
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