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Cazcabel Reposado Tequila NV


High up in the dusty Jalisco mountains grow succulent Blue Weber agave that’s used to make this beautifully balanced, barrel-matured tequila. Inspired by the medicine man known as Don Cazcabel, it’s a toasty masterpiece with peppery, oaky finish.

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Tasting notes

Dry, earthy agave balanced with vanilla and toasted oak, long finish


Agave, eucalyptus, hints of white pepper, caramel and toasted oak

Cazcabel Reposado Tequila NV

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  • 38.0% ABV
  • 26.6 Units
  • 700.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2050

In a dusty, hidden corner of the Jalisco mountains, a medicine man known as Don Cazcabel became a legend. Famous for his natural tonics, Don Cazcabel was a true healer that attracted Mexicans from miles around. As a faithful student of Toltec, Olmeg and Aztec traditions, his tequila recipes only used the best, natural ingredients. His honest philosophy has been the inspiration for Cazabel Tequila. Reposado (meaning rested) Tequila was made from seven-year-old Blue Weber agave, locally sourced from the distillery’s fields in the highlands. It rested in American oak for nine months, bringing subtle toasty aromas to the clean and earthy agave flavours. Drink neat or add to a crafty cocktail, like the classic Margarita or Mexican Negroni.

"Chewy with caramel and punchy with cinnamon and red pepper - it makes an excellent Mexican Negroni" BBC Good Food
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