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PS Pétillant Rosé NV

Produit en France

Judging by effusive online reviews and the fact that it always sells out, PS is a customer top favourite. Fresh as a bowl of strawberries with gentle, tongue tingling fizz, think of it as a life affirming glass of cheer whenever the fancy takes you.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Fresh, lemony, red berry fruit and a hint of sweetness. Gentle mousse


Strawberries, redcurrants and creamy hints

Allergy information

Contains sulphites

PS Pétillant Rosé NV

More information

  • 11.0% ABV
  • 8.25 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 30 June, 2024

A new release of customer favourite PS Pétillant and as dangerously moreish as ever! We’ve refreshed the recipe – ensuring the grapes retain that delicious ripeness gained from southern sunshine and, by adding a broader range of grape varieties, giving it even more fruity depth. Lightly sparkling, very refreshing, and at a quarter of the price of rosé Champagne, it’s famously good value. It means you don’t need a celebration to crack open a bottle. It’s a great anytime sort of wine – so make sure there’s always at least one bottle in the fridge – and deliciously refreshing. Simply chill well. PS Pétillant is mouthwatering as an apéritif, also great with king prawns or salade Niçoise, or poured over strawberries with a twist of black pepper.

"Smooth, light and refreshing with a slight fizz which makes this rosé a fabulous one to try" 5 Star Online Review
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