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Ragtime Rye Whiskey (70cl) NV

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  • San Francisco World Spirit Competition, 2017

A robust and spicy American rye whiskey, it uses a full 72% rye in the mash bill. Aged for three years in large barrels, it offers generous amounts of cinnamon spice along with liquorice, berry fruit and juicy clementine. Enjoy neat or in a cocktail.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Big on spice, vanilla woody notes, with juicy berry and citrus


Cherry, berry, vanilla, spice and liquorice

Ragtime Rye Whiskey (70cl) NV

More information

  • USA
  • Amber with reddish hues
  • 45.2% ABV
  • 31.64 Units
  • 700.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2025

A rich and characterful American rye whiskey that will delight cocktail enthusiasts and neat whiskey drinkers alike. Its name harks back to the era of Prohibition, the 1920s, and the music you’d be tapping your toes to in ‘speakeasies’. And the flavours too are a modern take on what would have been served back then. Ragtime Rye is from the New York Distilling Company, using 72% rye, all grown in New York State. Added to that is a little corn and malted barley, but spicy rye is the main thrust. Up to three years’ maturation in large American oak barrels lends a luscious layer of vanilla spice complexity to the caramel, citrus, berry notes and juicy clementine. Savour neat, possibly with some ice, or use as the base of your latest cocktail.

"A smooth, big-on-spice, American Rye Whiskey – enjoy neat or as a characterful base for cocktails" Jehan Sacaze
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