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Château Vartely Dealu Nucului Viorica 2020

Jora de Mijloc

From a well-heeled, French styled château in Moldova, this is a crisp, herbal scented white. Made by ‘Winemaker of the Year’ Arcadie Fosnea at this ultra modern winery, it's pure Viorica. Never heard of it? It's aromatic, citrus and flirtatious.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Light herbal scented citrus fruit, lychee, mango, lively and fresh


Basil, rosemary hints, lemon and lime and lightly tropical

Allergy information

Contains sulphites

Château Vartely Dealu Nucului Viorica 2020

More information

  • White - Dry
  • Moldova
  • Pale straw, green hints
  • Vegetarian
  • 13.0% ABV
  • 9.75 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 30 June, 2023
  • Vegan

Observing Moldova's slow pace of life, you may have thought the country was stuck in the past. However, this wine and the smart, well equipped winery that made it prove that that is far from the truth. There are pockets of brilliance and innovation. Since Château Vartely's wines first appeared in 2004, it has established itself as one of Moldova’s top wineries. Its extensive vineyards enjoy optimal conditions, many of them naturally organic. Viorica is an exciting grape discovered in 1969. It makes fresh, herbal and tropical scented whites, particularly appetising in the hands of 2014's ‘Moldovan Winemaker of the Year’, Arcadia Fosnea. Chill down the wine and serve on its own or with lighter dishes – noodles, pan fried chicken or prawns.

"Charming white grape, new to us. Deliciously aromatic and fresh. A great apéritif" Samuel Fishlock
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