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Why not check out our artists next time you’re at the cellars, as well as the events we have in conjunction with the Bristol Film Festival.

Anne Whyatt

From the 4th of March we have the pleasure of hosting 'Homage to Lorca', an exhibition by artist Anne Whyatt, in our cellar event space. Anne was born in Port Isaac in Cornwall where her love for the sea and the Cornish coast and landscape inspired her to draw and later study painting at Falmouth Art School. In 1962 Anne went travelling alone in southern Spain, intrigued by the country's history and culture before, leading up to and after the civil war.

At a local music shop in Cordoba, Anne came across an LP entitled 'A las cinco de la tarde', a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca based on the scene of the death of the bullfighter. Entranced by the rhythm, theatre and musicality of of Lorca's poetry, along with her fascination of the 'duende' and growing passion for flamenco, Anne decided to narrate her interpretation of Lorca's poems, paying homage to his extraordinary life and bold contributions to the arts that ended so tragically under the dictatorship of Franco's regime. Her use of warm, earthy and exotic colours and strong sense of composition, combined with her profound personal immersion of the narrative welcomes the interaction of the viewer.


Aili was born in the cosmopolitan city state of Singapore and is currently based in Bristol where she works as a Chartered Environmentalist supporting defence programmes.

She is influenced by artists who aren’t afraid of colours and whose seemingly loose, yet precise rendering of their subjects convey raw emotions and a sense of liberation. She is inspired by the works of the impressionists such as van Gogh, Cezanne, Sher-Gil but also deeply admires O’ Keefe, Freud amongst others. Her creativity blossomed when she moved to ‘quirky’ Bristol, known for the unbridled creativity of its street art and community of creatives.

She works in multiple and mixed media and her techniques are characterised by the strong use of colours applied in a manner that celebrates both elements of control and chaos. This theme of Control and Chaos reflects her innate tendency towards chaos and her leanings towards rebellion despite life in a controlled environment, governed by prescriptive rules and societal expectations. The theme is also a reflection of her world views and its perpetual struggle between chaos and order.

Aili is self-taught and has benefited from private tutelage with esteemed artists including Edinburgh based Aine Divine and Cornwall based Lynn Golden.

Her artwork had been selected for exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) 166th Open Exhibition in 2018 with corporate commissions including clients such as Bristol Balloons.

2018/19 Exhibition: Control & Chaos - Averys Cellars

1st Dec 2018 - 28 Feb 2019

Nick Bethell

Where is the fun in copying? My paintings have a degree of separation from their subject matter. I paint from my experiences and memories rather than from life or photographs which makes my work both more personal yet more open and expressionistic. I have a free approach to my canvases and simply enjoy myself in the purest way I can while evolving layers and techniques within each piece. My constant obsession with the calmness of blue balances the more explosive expression of movement within my work.

Sally Coulden

Through my paintings I am exploring my personal transition from the contained complexity, both physical and psychological of the corporate world into one of non-containment and freedom of self-expression. Influenced and inspired by the Abstract Expressionists of the 1940’s. My work is free of explicit politics and works to abstract perceived figurative complexity whilst delivering expressive and emotional imagery. Gestural mark making and line is pivotal to express spontaneity and energy. My preference is to work with a strong colour palette on large surfaces, artists such as Patrick Heron and John Hoyland provide stimulus and insight into large scale, bold use of colour.

Victoria Y-J

Victoria Young Jamieson is an artist based in Dorset. Her abstracted, multi-layered studies in ink, acrylic and watercolour are evocative of the vibrant land and seascapes which inspire her. Young Jameison’s bold canvases and works on paper recount explorations around the rugged coast of her native Cornwall, the rolling moorlands of Scotland and the hot deserts of the USA. Travel plays a key role in Young Jamieson’s practice and her art work is a visual journal of these experiences.

Lydia Wooldridge

Lydia creates magnetic drawings by suspending iron filings in a substrate - a technique she personally developed during her undergraduate degree. The drawings are formed by arranging and layering ferrite magnets to create complex patterns. Permanently suspending the iron filing reveals the intricate patterns created by magnetic field lines.

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