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Leonor Palo Cortado 12 Años Sherry NV

Jerez DO

Palo Cortado is a gloriously rich and complex style of sherry. It intrigues with its sweet, nutty, rich fruit aromas, yet to taste it's very savoury and dry, long and complex. A terrific 12 year old from the top sherry house, Gonzalez Byass.

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Tasting notes

Luscious, creamy toffee, rich figgy fruit, spice, savoury finish, dry


Hazelnut, caramel, fig, date, raisin, toasty oak, savoury notes

Leonor Palo Cortado 12 Años Sherry NV

More information

  • 20.0% ABV
  • 15.0 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2035
  • Vegan

Founded in 1835, Gonzalez Byass is one of the top producers in Jerez. The family make sherry across the range – from amazing, layered Amontillados, Palo Cortados and Olorosos to the world famous, bone dry Tío Pepe. Palo Cortado starts out as a fino covered in flor (a covering of yeast that protects from oxidation). As a fino, the barrel is marked with a vertical strike. When the flor fails, it might be classed as Amontillado, but the most interesting are crossed (cortado), marked out as a possible Palo Cortado. This mesmirising sherry was aged in the solera system a full 12 years to develop a glorious array of nutty, fruity, caramel toasty flavours. Take your time sniffing the aromas, its flavours are equally compelling, complex and dry.

"Gonzalez Byass is king among sherries and this tempting Palo Cortado is one to savour" Samuel Fishlock
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